Fools (Fall 2019)

Critically acclaimed American playwright , Neil Simon, brings us a comic fable set in the small village of Kulyenchikov, Ukraine during the late 19th century. The story follows Leon Steponovich Tolchinsky, a schoolteacher who takes a new job educating Sophia, the daughter of Dr. Zubritsky and his wife, Lenya.

Leon soon learns that there is a curse on the village that makes everyone stupid, and the expectation is that Leon will be the one to break that curse. Complications ensue when Leon falls in love with his pupil. Will the curse be lifted or will our hero succumb to the same fate as the rest of the town?

Quilters (Spring 2019)

Quilters is set in the American West. This musical is presented as a series of short tableaus matched with musical numbers and a unique quilt block, each presenting an aspect of frontier life or womanhood. With these, there is love, warmth, rich and lively humor and the moving spectacle of simple human dignity and steadfastness in the face of adversity. These tales represent the notion that these life events were common to all; its what we do with these events that defines us.

The Diaries of Adam & Eve (Fall 2018)

This rendition of Mark Twain’s take on the story of Adam and Eve presents a lighthearted look at the differences – and similarities – between men and women.

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Society Townswomen’s Guild Murder Mystery (Spring 2018)

The ladies of the Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Society Townswomen’s Guild are determined to present a thrilling and sensational murder mystery – complete with intermission fashion show – to their audience. And, well…it’s the thought that counts.

The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge (Winter 2017)

Scrooge is back to his old tricks, and he’s suing the ghosts of Christmas and his former partner Jacob Marley for his pain and suffering. This show follows along with the humorous and unexpected courtroom proceedings.