It takes a team of people with a variety of talents to put on a quality theater show. All of our participants are volunteers, and we greatly appreciate all they do to bring these shows about.

Below is a list of skills that we use on a regular basis. If you would like to participate, please use this form to contact us.


Obviously, shows can’t happen without people on stage! We always appreciate having a variety of actors available to make the shows happen.

Arts & Crafts

Painting and crafting realistic sets and props is critical to the overall experience of a dramatic production.


Our musicals, along of course with acting and singing, involve dancing! Experienced choreographers are few and far between, but highly valuable for these musical productions.

Graphic Design/Marketing

Sharing the message of the gospel through our shows requires sharing our shows with the community! We can use help creating/distributing information through social, print, visual, and audio media.

Hair & Makeup

From the realistic to the fantastical, hair and makeup artists create incredible characters to help bring our shows to life.

Lights & Sound

The technological aspects of a show are critical to the audience experience. Talents in light and sound engineering are so valuable to our shows.


Our annual musical requires a pit orchestra composed of variety of different musicians. Other shows throughout the season sometimes include individuals or small groups of musicians.


Our talented set builders are always looking for extra pairs of skilled hands to transform our stages into realistic and functional sets that transport our audiences into the setting of the show.