The ministry of Calvary Players is twofold. First, we seek to present meaningful dramas, musicals and family entertainment to the congregation and the greater community.

Second, we want to create an atmosphere where people can work together for a common goal, make new friends, and discover their own hidden talents. In the process, we hope to be able to share God’s love.

We have an annual production, usually performed in mid-February. This production has open auditions and we welcome talent from the community.

We also are available for Lenten skits, chancel dramas, Advent skits and skits for special occasions such as our annual Stewardship campaign.

Calvary Players is self-supporting. Every year part of the proceeds from our shows are donated to a chosen charitable organization. As of 2014, over $25,000 has been donated to organizations including: Families of Children with Cancer, The Calvary Food Pantry, Golden House, Freedom House, as well as national and global missions.  

Through the years we have been able to purchase sound equipment, theatrical lighting and other equipment to enhance both Calvary Players and worship services at Calvary Lutheran Church.

As the Calvary Players heads into the future we ask God to bless our efforts.